Frequently Asked Questions
When you introduce us do you sound like a Radio DJ or Game Show Host?

NO! You are not getting married in a radio station so why should we make it sound like you are. We use our normal voice that we use everyday; we are not radio DJs or Game Show hosts. However if you prefer to a radio voice, we can arrange that with a couple of local well known radio DJs.

Do you display your banner at weddings?

NO! We will never display our banner at a wedding nor will we light up our DJ booth. We don’t want to take the attention from you on your special day, after all it is all about you! While the Glow Booth looks nice we want your guests to watch you and not us. We prefer to light up your table with special lighting to highlight you and save the other lighting for the dance floor. The only advertising we will do at your wedding is display our business cards on our table.

Do you use Professional Equipment?

Yes All of the equipment we use is professional. We use equipment made by some of the best maunfacturers in business and it is the top of line. We use Yamaha, Electro Voice, Numark, Shure, Sennhieser, Audio-Technica, Vocopro, Nady, JVC, American DJ, Chauvet, Eliminater and more.

What do you wear to our wedding?

Tux or our DJ Uniform. We wear black tuxes to your wedding, our tux consists of Jacket, Vest, Pants, Shirt and Tie. Our DJ uniform consists of Black Shirt with Logo and Black Pants. We will show up in regular cloths (blue jeans and T-Shirt) to setup and tear down. We will change our clothes prior to your event, we do this so our clothes are clean for your event.

Will you wear funky outfits or act in a manner that will embarrass me or my family?

NO NEVER We are Professional and will never do anything to make you or your family be embarrassed. Nor do we try to get a date with your Bridesmaids or Groomsmen or guest’s.

How many DJ’s will be at my wedding?

Normally we have 2 DJ’s there. One will be the Senior DJ who is also the emcee. The other controls music and lighting on larger events or weddings we may have another staff member present to assist.

Will I know which DJ I get ahead of time?

Yes normally we like to have the DJ that will be the lead DJ at your wedding be the one to meet with you during the planning stages. In the event that DJ cannot make it to your wedding you will be notified in advance and meet the replacement DJ if possible.

Do you have back up equipment?

Yes we currently have several systems. Normally we prefer to do one wedding at a time however in the event we have 2 weddings both weddings will get our first out equipment and a backup.

What if you have an accident on the way?

We hope this never will happen, in the event of an accident and the DJ is able to make a call we will have already one DJ in route as well as getting you a replacement DJ as quickly as possible.

When do you set up for our wedding?

We normally like to set up the night before this gives you an opportunity to decorate around us and allows us to be better prepared for your wedding.

What if your computer breaks down prior to or during my wedding?

We usually have a back up computer plus we still carry CD’s with us.

Do you Drink or Smoke at our Wedding or event?

NO! Never! We have a strict policy against Drinking, smoking or using drugs. It is not allowed prior to, during or after your event. This is also a policy of the American Disc Jockey Association.

Are you on Time?

Yes we are if we cannot set up the night before we like to show up at least 2 hours early to setup. We have never been late or missed an event in the 10 years we have been in business.

Do you take requests?

Yes if you allow them at your wedding or party. We take request that you allow, if you do not want a certain song or type of music we do not play it at all.

Do you have Lighting for the dance floor?

Yes We have quite a few lights that rotate, flash, and move back forth, in multi-colors. Most of the lights move to the music. We even have a real police light bar that we use on occasion. We also have fog machines, low lying and floating.

Do you have up-lighting?

Yes we are adding L.E.D. Lighting to our equipment inventory that we can set to change color automatically or set it for one color.

Do you give out references?

No sorry we do not give info about our customers to gain business. We believe in maintianing your privacy. We feel this is our way of providing your privacy and safety as we have no way of knowing anyones background when giving out inforamtion so we just don’t do it nor do we mention any complete names or show pictures from your event of you or your guests.